Did You Know That The Temperature of Your Coffee is Effecting You?

Posted by Gregg Korrol on Mar 13, 2018 4:37:32 PM

Sounds silly right? It’s not. While we all think we are operating independently and making our own decisions, too often there are other factors inconspicuously affecting our decisions. A perfect example is a study done at Yale regarding how the environment affects the decisions we make. 

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Thunder Sounds Different in Paris

Posted by Gregg Korrol on Jul 10, 2017 12:07:41 PM

While in Paris recently, I woke up one morning to a thunderstorm. The first thing I thought to myself is that thunder sounds different in Paris than it does back home in New York.  But does it really? It's not that thunder sounds different in Paris, but the way sound travels is affected by the environment. Sound moves differently through different objects, in different environments and thus at different speeds, resulting in different sounds (think someone blasting a song in their car and all you hear is the thumping bass, as opposed to the actual song). This is yet again another lesson from nature, because like thunder, you too are affected by your environment.

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