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Posted by Gregg Korrol on Apr 12, 2018 2:32:16 PM

We often depend on certain conveniences in life. Simple things like a clock or a temperature gauge help us plan for our day. For instance, when I see it’s around noon, I think it’s about time for lunch. When I see the temperature gauge reads 50 degrees, I know which coat to wear.

While these conveniences are helpful, can they also be controlling us?

iStock-47433955450 degrees means something to you and therefore dictates how you should proceed (clothes to wear, perhaps what activities you will do, etc). Yet on the other hand, perhaps 50 degrees doesn’t feel that cold to you, and you are overdressing because your mind has been given a frame for what to expect. The clock works in the same way. You see it’s noon, and think it’s time to grab lunch. Even if you are not hungry, you eat anyway, because it is lunchtime.

While I’m not stating to give up such conveniences, I am suggesting you try listening to your own inner voice. For example, when I shower, I finish by turning the hot water off and letting the ice cold water pour over me. Ask me about this a year ago and I would’ve shivered just at the thought- now, the water seems borderline warm! If I actually checked the temperature on the water, I would probably never do it. Point is, sometimes what we see or are told can create a thought within us that’s not our own. Listen to your inner voice and be aware how the environment influences you.

Do you have some other examples? Comment below and share them with my readers!


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