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Posted by Gregg Korrol on May 24, 2018 3:16:24 PM

Life moves fast, and when it does, you react and often feel things are out of your control. The key to life is to take control, and it’s not as hard as you think.


Like any sport, when the ball is thrown to you, it is now yours. You can choose what direction to throw it, you can choose to run with it, you can choose to just hold it, etc. The key is to pause and take a moment to decide your next move.

The ball metaphor, is the same as with anything that happens in life. Something happens in your direction, be it a comment someone makes or an action, and now the ball is yours. How will you respond with it?

Just like passing a ball, you can choose what words to use to direct the situation. Will you use humor, sarcasm, defensiveness, etc? The same applies to an action that happens to you; you then have to choose your response.

The key is to slow down the situation by holding the ball for a moment. Take a breath and know that you are in control. And what you choose to do with the ball, will direct everything that comes next. Wow, that’s power! And it’s all yours…




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What Is Acceptance?

Posted by Gregg Korrol on May 16, 2018 4:28:25 PM

I’m often asked what does it mean to accept things. Does it mean disregard your feelings? Does it mean be a doormat for whatever people do and say? Does it mean to just take whatever sh*t is thrown your way?

NO! Not at all. Acceptance is not about any of these things listed above. Acceptance is about seeing things as they are, deciding on a perspective, making a decision, and then taking action.


Notice I said, “Deciding on a perspective.” When something occurs, most people just react. Reaction is what gets people in trouble or causes people to do or say things they regret. When you are present and see the situation as it is (accept), you can pause and decide what the comment means to you, then take action to take control of the situation. 

An example is when someone says something offensive to you. A person who does not accept, is reactive and quickly says something back to attack. A person who accepts, first hears the comment, and then takes a moment to decide what the person/comment really means. A person who can accept, knows the person speaking is doing so out of frustration or a need not being met. They know the comment made has nothing to do with them. They are able to then decide what response might yield the best outcome. Perhaps they respond with a joke and bring humor into the mix, perhaps they ask the person why they would say that, perhaps they just smile and let the comment bounce off them like Superman with a bullet.

Which of these two people are more powerful? The one who reacts and is like a dog being pulled on a leash, or the one who makes a choice about their next step? I thin the answer is obvious. Take steps to become more powerful and create the journey you want in your life by accepting what is.

What strategies to do you use to become more present? I would love to know, comment below!

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TGIF! But Be Thankful For The Other (6/7) Days Of Your Life Too!

Posted by Gregg Korrol on May 4, 2018 12:07:40 PM

TGIF! Right? What about Monday through Thursday (I assume you have no complaints about Saturday and Sunday, even though we don’t say TGIS)?

I understand why we say TGIF, but how much better would it be if we were thankful for every day?

Here’s a Quick Strategy for TGIM, TGIT, & TGIW:

Aside from the fact that you don’t have to work, there are certain things you do on Saturday and Sunday that give you a relaxed feeling. If you can isolate what some of those activities are, and then add them to your week, you will feel more relaxed every day of the week.


Here are three suggestions from some of the clients I work with that they now use to make their week more relaxed:

  • Create a little quiet time. Wake up 30 minutes earlier and begin your day in a dark quiet home with a nightlight where you can have a nice cup of coffee, tea, meditate, write, etc.
  • Schedule mid-week get togethers. I know it’s busy, but if you and a friend can agree to meet up for a quick dinner on Wednesday evening, it will really break the week up.
  • Take a class. When my daughter took piano, I decided to take up guitar. Instead of sitting around waiting, I gave my self something special to do that was fun.

What solutions do you have to stop yourself from complaining or stop someone else from complaining? I'd love to hear your thoughts, so share them below!


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