Happy & Healthy Relationships Are Only Possible If You're Willing To Be Vulnerable

Posted by Gregg Korrol on Nov 2, 2018 5:46:58 PM
Relationships are very hard because you have to be vulnerable. When people enter a relationship with their defenses up, not only do they not allow the other person to get to know them, but they also don’t give their all due to their fear. The result is a failed relationship and a reinforced belief that the right person doesn’t exist.

Relationships are possible only when you drop your defenses. 
Four Key Strategies for Being Open in a Relationship are:
1) Remember that the person you are entering the relationship with is not your past relationships. This is a different person. While you may have been hurt before, it wasn’t by this person. 
2) Remember you are not perfect either. Like every other person, you have your awesome side, and your faults. The other person deserves a chance, just like they are taking a chance on you.
3) Remember people don't have the same definitions. In other words, what you don't like about yourself, someone may not care about, or may even find endearing.  
4) Remember the other person is just as scared as you. If you open up to them, it allows them the opportunity to do the same for you.
Ultimately, if your goal is to be in a relationship, you have to take a risk. Every relationship has its ups and downs, and like everything else you try in life, rarely do you get it right the first time. You have to be okay with some pain if you want to have a lot of pleasure. More importantly, perhaps you will have some fun and learn some thing along the way.


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