Fear & Doubt Make You Stronger

Posted by Gregg Korrol on Apr 4, 2018 1:23:58 PM

Just like you, I’m tired, often uncertain, scared, unsure, lazy, do I need to keep going? While I spend most days beginning strong, there are often times I come up with my own excuses and reasons not to do what I know I need to do. It’s literally like there are two sides of me: 

1) The go-getter, challenge crushing superhero who writes, reads, and extends himself to help anyone he can!
and then…

2) That guy who appears weak, but is often strong enough to block the superstar from flying. He arrives in the form of questions:

Wouldn’t I rather just lounge and watch TV?

What if I don’t know what to say?

What if what I’m sharing is useless?

Is any of it truly original?

What kind of questions or thoughts will someone have if I share this part of my story?

Who would pay me to help them?

Why would anyone listen?

(I could keep going!)

The challenge and trick that is a MUST is to squash that voice. The Storyteller that holds up billboards of fear, doubt and uncertainty.

iStock-542310332How do I do crush it?

1) I get present. I breathe and put myself in the here and now by quieting my storytelling voice. I say “Thank you.” I send appreciation within for the cautionary voice that is simply trying to protect me, “Thank you much for voicing your concerns. Now go take a seat I have work to do.”

2) I go for a brisk walk or do something physical.  That gets endorphins flowing.

3) I remember and get very clear about my WHY!  Why do I do all the work I do? Who am I doing it for? What future will it bring me?

The point is, if I listen to that fear based voice, nothing changes. Does it happen from time to time? Yes. Does it win? Yes, from time to time, but less often than it used to.

My point is we all have these fears and doubts. While they can seem overwhelming at time, the stronger the villain, the stronger the superhero becomes.

Your turn! Tell me – how do you shut down your fears, doubts and concerns? I would love to learn even more strategies for success.

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