The Benefits of Positive Thinking

Happy & Healthy Relationships Are Only Possible If You're Willing To Be Vulnerable

Do You Have What It Takes to Love Someone?

Parenting is Shared Not Equal

Do you Think Moms Have the Right to Relax?

Reasons are Your Sledgehammer

Life is a Dance Between Push and Pull

Success Is At The Tips of Your Fingers

A Gift...


To All The Amazing School Teachers…Thank you!

Why Do I Worry?

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Why Diets Don't Work...

Slow It Down...

What Is Acceptance?

TGIF! But Be Thankful For The Other (6/7) Days Of Your Life Too!

Do You Enjoy Hurting Others or Allowing Others to Hurt You?

You’re In A Weird Mood! Or Am I?

What Happened To The Party?

Some People Create Trouble

Signs Frame Your Experience

There’s a Reason They Call It “Mother” Nature

Fear & Doubt Make You Stronger

What Is My Morning Like? Do You Want Better Mornings? Sign Up For A Free Coaching Session Now!

Playing the Relationship Stock Market

Life Hack to Being More Positive

Did You Know That The Temperature of Your Coffee is Effecting You?

The Magic Formula

I First Read This Story At 18 Years Old…

The Rocking Chair Test

When Did You Get Stuck?

Complaints Equal Responsibility

Show Me Your Seoul!

Why Don’t I Have the Things I Want In My Life?

A Quick Reminder for Those Stuck in a Rut...

The Road To Valentine’s Day (Part 5)....

Who Do I Want To Be Today?

The Road To Valentine’s Day (Part 4)....

The Road To Valentine’s Day (Part 3)....

The Road To Valentine’s Day (Part 2)…..

The Road To Valentine’s Day (Part 1)

Happy New Year! Are You Sticking To Your Goals For 2018?

Are Your Ready For 2018? Share Your Goals With Us!

Celebrating 2018!

Greetings Storytellers! I Need Your Help! Calling On All Parents - Especially Fathers!

Why is My Relationship So Hard?

The Simplest Trick To Achieving Your Goals Is Not What You Think

Secret Spices in the Bedroom - Start Spicing Up Your Relationship!

Gifts Are Not Always Roses And Sunshine

Best Advice for Newlyweds - Listen up!

Lessons From a Horse Trainer

Mommy, His Report Card is Not Your Failure

Leadership: Let Me Introduce You To "They"

You're Too Close

Questions Are Scalpels

Relationship Guidance: Have the Fight, but Avoid the Attack

Life Cycle of a Go - Getter

Sometimes the Clothes Do Make the Man…

What Are You Missing?

Your Life is Your Daily Habits

Do I have To Do That Again?

Secret Motivation Mind Games

The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work if You Work to Block It!

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your 9 year Old


Why Can't I Find Love?

You're So Negative It's Genius!

Relationship Problems: What did s/he just say?

Today I Celebrate Me

You've Got To Be Strong Enough To Love - How The Law Of Attraction For Love Works

Motivate Employees on the Front Line

Listen To My Latest Interview Now!

Is S/he Out of Her Mind?!?! Do You Believe in the Laws of Attraction For Love?

The Secret to Creating Time

May I Spit In Your Drink?

Every Person You Meet is a Reflection of YOU.

Instilling Powerful & Empowering Values in Children

Surgery Complete!

Communication Is The Key To Life. Expand Your Vocabulary!

The Law of Attraction Works. So Attract Wisely!

Thunder Sounds Different in Paris

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