Success Is At The Tips of Your Fingers

Posted by Gregg Korrol on Jul 12, 2018 6:07:47 PM


You know how sometimes you drop something and it falls into a tiny space like in the crack of a sofa? So you have to reach your hand down into the crack of space to try and feel for it. And you can feel the thing you want by extending and stretching one finger. And then you have to stretch further so you can get a second finger to touch it. And you’re struggling to reach even deeper and stretch your hand just a little further just to grab it by two fingers, but aren’t quite there yet. And you are thinking to yourself, “don’t let go, don’t let go.” Then it slips and falls a little further because you accidentally let go and pushed it.  But then you reach out again and you stretch even further and push and you push and you grab it by the tips of your fingers again and slowly pull it out.

That’s what opportunity is like in life. You have to stretch, stretch, stretch, and you may lose it for a moment, but you have to keep pushing, until you are able to grab it and make that opportunity a reality.





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A Gift...

Posted by Gregg Korrol on Jul 9, 2018 3:58:23 PM

We all have endless chatter recurring in our mind throughout the day. Many times this chatter reflects thoughts where you are unsure of yourself, or doubt what you are capable of.

Let me remind you of something.

On a zoomed out scale, you are not even a grain of sand in this Universe. You are no more than a fraction of a blink of time, on a speck of a planet, that in relation to the immensity of the Universe, is not even seen.


On a zoomed in scale, there is literally not one other being that is comprised of the exact molecules you are, combined with the thoughts and experiences you have earned in your life thus far.

So when in doubt, remember, YOU are a GIFT. There is not another being like you. It’s taken hundreds of generations and gazillions of molecules splitting to become the person you are.

Gift yourself to the world by recognizing who you are and sharing yourself.




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Posted by Gregg Korrol on Jun 29, 2018 4:29:25 PM

Have you thought about what makes you happy? What really makes you happy? Have you ever thought to write down the things that make you smile? I ask because too many people walk around missing out on some of life’s most precious moments, and yet there are rules you have made for yourself that constitute your happiness.

iStock-579773462Happiness is a created feeling. You have both conscious and unconscious rules that something you see, hear or do makes you feel a certain way. For me, I smile when I hear the sounds of birds, the ocean waves, see someone else smiling, hear a song I like etc.  I have lots of “rules” that allow me to be happy throughout my day. I also have friends who I am aware have very few rules that allow them to experience happiness. A lot has to happen by their rules for them to feel good. That’s no way to live! Keep it simple.

Take a moment and write out the things that make you happy. Literally make a list so you are aware of how you see the world. Take the time to understand yourself. Once you do this, you’ll get a better sense of you and what makes you tick. You can always contact me via my website or we can schedule a time to talk by clicking here.



Topics: Positivity, Personal Coach, Life Coaching

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